Anne McKee Awards

The AMAF recognizes four artists for outstanding achievement in the Arts. The awards are named in-memoriam of four gifted humans who supported the Anne McKee’s vision for many years and whose dedication helped make the AMAF what it is today.

Miriam B. Good (1934-2008 ) was one of the original AMAF board members, a beloved friend and talented painter. Miriam’s long history with AMAF helped make the Fund what it is today.

The Miriam B. Good Award is given to an individual who embodies the AMAF mission of ‘Artists Helping Artists’.

Richard Heyman (1935-1994) was Key West Mayor (1983-1985 and 1987-1989) and co-founded Gingerbread Square Gallery in 1972. He was a longtime supporter of the AMAF.

The Richard Heyman Award is given to one outstanding literary artist each year.

Jack Baron (1926-2005) was a talented folk artist and friend of the AMAF. His artwork has left a legacy for Key West’s art history.

The Jack Baron Award is given in recognition of an outstanding visual artist each year.

Adeline Turner (1937-2011) was a founding member and dear friend of the AMAF. She was also a gifted concert pianist and oil painter.

The Adeline Turner Award is given to one outstanding performing artist.


Miriam B. Good Award

The Embodiment of the AMAF Mission

lynn bentley kemp miriam b award anne mckee key west.jpeg

2018 Recipient - Dr Lynne Bentley-Kemp

Jack Baron Award

Outstanding Achievement in Visual Art

Mark Heddon - 2018 Jack Baron Award recipient / ‘

2018 Recipient - Mark Hedden


Richard Heyman Award

Outstanding Literary Achievement

Sharon Wells Anne McKee Artists fund Richard Heyman award key west.jpg

2018 Recipient - Sharon Wells

Adeline Turner Award

Outstanding Achievement in Performance Art

Jodyrae Campbell Anne McKee Adeline Turner Award Key West .jpg

2017 Recipient - Jodyrae Campbell



Unsung Hero

The Community Foundation of the Florida Keys (CFFK) honors the outstanding work of nearly 100 volunteers every year. The Unsung Hero award recognizes those who dedicate their selfless work to nonprofits throughout the Florida Keys. The AMAF board nominates one of our own dedicated volunteers each year as our Unsung Hero. The award ceremony takes place in January.

In 2018 the CFFK awarded the nonprofit organisations themselves as the Unsung Hero for their tireless help and support they gave back to the local community during and after Hurricane Irma.

jon 'Tosh' Mcintosh Key West artist Anne McKee Unsung Hero.jpg

Jon ‘Tosh’ McIntosh

AMAF’s 2017 Unsung Hero


Our Past Unsung Heroes


2016 • Eric Grahl

2015 • Roberta DePiero

2014 • Carol Shaughnessy & David Koontz

2013 • Joanne Rivas

2012 • Carol Tedesco

2011 • Libby Curtis





2019 - Fran Decker

2018 - Lynne Bentley Kemp

2017 - Michael Palmer

2016 - Jimm Sherrington

2015 - Jon McIntosh

2014 - William Welch

2013 - Jim Salem

2012 - /

2011 - Sal Salinero

2010 - Vivien Segel


2018 - Mark Hedden

2017 - Lucy Paige

2016 - David Klein

2015 - Fran Decker

2014 - Sean P. Callahan

2013 -

2012 - Richard Weatherwax

2011 - Jimm Sherrington

2010 -


2018 - /

2017 - Jodyrae Campbell

2016 - /

2015 - Melody Cooper

2014 - Connie Gilbert

2013 -

2012 - Joe Jackson

2011 -


2018 - Sharon Wells

2017 - Flower Conroy

2016 - Edgardo Alvarado-Vázquez

2015 - Jane Newhagen

2014 - Bob Bowersox

2013 -

2012 - E. R. Warner

2011 - Reef Perkins

2010 -



Miriam B. Good winners
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